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The Colorado Critical Review is a graduate student-run, peer-reviewed journal hosted at the University of Colorado Denver through the Master of Humanities/Master of Social Sciences (MHMSS) Program. CCR’s principal objective is that of providing a literary platform which facilitates innovative, salient dialogue between both emerging and established scholars.

As an intentionally interdisciplinary project, CCR strives to encourage meaningful and transformative scholastic engagement that bridges the boundaries of traditional academic disciplines and inspires critical analysis of pressing issues. Firmly centered on the importance of critique, advocacy, and the forwarding of alternatives, CCR seeks to publish a comprehensive and diverse body of work that supports these ideals.


the mhmss program


The Master of Humanities and Master of Social Science Programs (MHMSS) at the University of Colorado Denver is geared towards students with complex and diverse interests, students who want to explore ideas in varied modes. Both the MH and the MSS programs offer students the opportunity to take courses from multiple disciplines at CU Denver and craft an individual graduate curriculum that bridges traditional disciplinary boundaries.

While most colleges and universities are organized around traditional disciplines, the MHMSS programs recognize the importance of interdisciplinary research in an emerging global economy and culture. By approaching knowledge and learning through an interdisciplinary model, students integrate and synthesize the methods, tools, theories and concepts of diverse disciplines to tackle questions and research from new angles, by bringing together sometimes disparate and contrasting disciplines, new possibilities for dialog and interaction arise that can address the complex questions and issues that characterize the world today.

More information on the MHMSS program can be found by CLICKING HERE.

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Editorial Team:





Advisory Board:

JORDAN HILL, PH.D, CCR Editorial Advisor

OMAR SWARTZ, PH.D, J.D, Chair, Master of Social Science

MARGARET WOODHULL, PH.D, Chair, Master of Humanities

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